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Town Motors Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Judith Dixon | New Jersey | 2017-07-03

My husband and I would like to express our appreciation to the entire staff at Town Porsche for their care and professionalism before, during and after the sale. Special thanks to George Bautista for contacing us and arranging a test drive that ultimately led to the purchase of a beautiful 2017 Porsche Macan. Also thanks to Alexandra (Ali) for being there to provide excellent technical expertise after the sale. She is a huge asset to this dealership. We will in time become more acquainted with the rest of the staff and look forward to building great relationships with everyone. Truly Exceptional!!!!!!!!

Bob Peckar | New Jersey | 2017-09-01

I came to Town Porsche yesterday to look at the Macan. Jung Lee assisted me. Today I left with my new car! Jung was fantastic as was the rest of the crew. Easiest experience purchasing a car ever and a fair price to boot!

Laureen Cook | New York | 2017-02-14

Marcy Gross, Service Manager, at Town Motors Porsche provides superior after sales service and support to their customers. Marcy is an automotive professional with more than 30 years of Audi/Porsche experience, who goes above and beyond to assist her customers and resolve any service issues. She is a credit to the Porsche brand.

David Alston | New Jersey | 2017-02-02

I needed to write this review to express my appreciation and thank Marcy Gross and the service staff at Town Porsche. I recently had a very bad experience having my Porsche serviced by an automotive garage (not by Porsche service) for nothing major that turned into a complete nightmare, the workmanship nearly destroyed the engine. I decided to take my Cayenne to Town Porsche to see what was going on. From the door, they made me feel welcomed and wanted to assist me anyway they could to address the problems. At the completion of the engine diagnostic, Marcy met with me and detailed each problem listing servicing priorities first and down the line in a detailed report, photos were taken of the poor-quality workmanship, and she highlighted other small issues with my vehicle. Marcy and the service staff in my opinion went above and beyond for me. I learned my lesson, if your vehicle needs service, take it to the experts and I suggest you go see Marcy Gross at Town Porsche.

Meric Topbas | NJ | 2016-05-05

I had a great experience with William Gakos regarding the custom order and delivery of my new 991.2 from Town Porsche. Will was very focused on each of the milestones of my custom order and was always available for my questions. He was very patient even though I changed the details of my build many times after the initial order. I highly recommend him!

Panta | New York | 2016-07-26

As a first time Porsche buyer, I started off with my custom build online & after weeks of playing around with the configuration. I finally decided I was satisfied with my build and ready to contact dealerships , most said that my build was difficult to obtain and refused to negotiate. That was until Town Porsche. My point of contact was Will Gakos and from the moment I explained what I wanted, Will made zero excuses. He immediately obtained my build allocation and offered me a fair price. I left a deposit and a few weeks later Will reached out and said your'e 911 is here, wow!. I was truly impressed by Will's professionalism and attentiveness throughout the entire process. On the day of delivery I was not only greeted by Will but the entire diverse staff at Town Porsche was welcoming. It was a hot summer day and immediately upon arrival Will offered me a cold beverage, what can i say, its the little touches that goes a long way. If you're in the market for a Porsche I would definitely recommend Will Gakos @ Town Porsche.

Robert (Bob) Tulipan | NJ | 2015-10-30

It's all a bit of a whirlwind, but after hearing from Porsche that the lease on my wonderful 2014 Cayman had been qualified for early termination, I called William Gakos, my salesman at Town Motors in Englewood. Wil's amazing and told me there were some great deals to be had and sent me a list of cars. A day later, I'm driving my new Cayman S. This is heaven and this dealership is the very best. They take pride in their brand and really care about their customers. The entire purchasing process was a breeze and the team made it seamless. And the price was truly something to write home about. I'm looking forward to getting a Macan from them next year

Diahann E. Malcolm | NJ | 2015-08-10

I recently leased a new 2016 Porsche Macan from Town Porsche The process went great - great price, great service, great car!! What more could you ask for. The entire process was seamless. In the market for a Porsche. I highly recommend you see Jonathan Wein at Town Porsche. Thanks Jonathan, Doug and Miguel for a great buying experience. Loving my new Macan!

Justin Wroe | NJ | 2015-07-09

I've been working with Will Gakos for the last 3 years and he has been spectacular as a client advisor. I've done 3 Cayennes and a 911 GTS from him and every deal has been extremely competitive with top notch service. They go the extra mile, picking up and dropping off in the city. I highly recommend work with Town Porsche and in particular WIll.

Ari Bernstein | NY | 2015-07-01

I recently purchased my first Porsche, a Macan Turbo, from Town Motors after driving Acura and Lexus. Porsche's superiority over those automakers is well known and not overstated. This superiority comes at a price premium - I lease the Macan for almost 3x as I did the Lexus RX350 - however, those extra dollars are some of my best spent. I drive a lot, and the Macan handles better, rides smoother, and accelerates faster than any other SUV on the road (excluding the Cayenne Turbo S). It also looks gorgeous inside and out. I could not be happier with my choice. Town Motors in particular were a pleasure to deal with, and I write this review in appreciation to them. They worked with Porsche financial to get my lease approved after it had been denied several times. Additionally, they were able to get me a better deal on the car than any other Porsche dealer with whom I spoke. I have a friend who owns a leasing business; he could not believe the price I got on my Macan. In summary, I enjoy the car, am happy with my purchase, and hope to continue shopping with this brand and dealer. I recommend the same to any considering this.

mike jacobellis | NJ | 2015-06-23

my second car from town. amazing all around. they came to me in manhattan for all test drives and delivery, which couldn't have been easier.

Charles Kincaid | NJ | 2015-02-18

I recently purchased a Porsche at Town Porsche. Will Gakos was my extraordinary sales representative. I have never had such a seamless, pleasant auto buying experience until now, thanks to him. An amazing auto from an amazing dealership

Debbie Oren | NJ | 2015-02-18

Will Gakos made my dream come true, owning my first Porsche. His attention to my needs made this experience pleasant and fun. Not something you usually experience at car dealerships. BTW, my Macan is an amazing car. Many thanks to everybody at Town Motors dealership for being so helpful and just nice people to do business with.

Alex Racanelli | NY | 2014-08-06

"I just bought my first Porsche from Town and could not be happier! Preeth, Marc, Miguel and Jake went out of their way to make me happy and comfortable with my purchase. Each step of the process, from placing my initial order to making last minute changes to my order and eventually delivery were all handled exactly the way I would expect from a premium Porsche dealership. I even had a chance to meet Joseph, a service advisor, and Brian, a friendly and informative technician that performed the pre delivery inspection on my car. Top-notch service all around. I have a feeling this is only the first of many Porsche's from Town in my future."

Digna Gutierrez | NY | 2014-08-03

"I had an excellent experience at Porsche Town Motors. Thanks for a great experience!! Will Gakos made it easy for me to trade in my 2012 Cayenne for a brand new 2014 Cayenne. He was a great salesman and did his best to make it a positive experience for me from the beginning to to the end! I'm truly enjoying my 2014 Cayenne."

Tim Hardy | NY | 2014-08-03

"Preeth, Pamela and I both want to thank you for everything you did for us, but especially for your help, guidance and for always being there for us through this whole process. This is our 4th Porsche and the entire experience this time was light years ahead of anything we previously experienced. Also, even though we only talked and worked with Miguel for a short period of time - it was a very easy, enjoyable and pleasant experience. We can tell from dealing with the two of you that Town Motors really cares about their customers and goes the extra mile to enhance the Porsche experience. Thanks again for making all of this a very special day for both of us!"

Pablo Figueroa | NJ | 2014-07-19

"I have bought over the years, BMW's, MB's and a porsche from area dealerships. I have never felt comfortable walking into car dealerships. I was referred to Town Motors by a colleague and I was not disappointed. I ordered a macan sight unseen and Will made the whole process smooth and easy. He is knowledgeable but more importantly, a porsche enthusiast. Thanks William, I'll be back for the next porsche."

Jason Lerner | NJ | 2014-06-08

"This dealership is extremely courteous, friendly, and professional. Will went above and beyond for me. He is extremely nice, patient, and knowledgeable and he truly made the entire process easy and enjoyable. Thanks Will !"

Kevin Edwards | NJ | 2014-06-08

"The best car buying experience I ever had ,Will went above and beyond with details and exceptional service ,I am loving my new ride ."

James Callahan | NJ | 2014-05-27

"I worked with William and ordered a 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo. William explained the various options and made the process very easy. He was kind and very helpful. I have owned many other vehicles including an Audi S6 and Audi SQ5 and so far I love the performance of my new car. William and Jake are as professional as you can get. Hope to see you guys soon for that 911. Thanks"

Deno Bistolarides | NJ | 2014-05-26

"I am an out of towner based in Detroit, MI who found a used BMW 528i online being sold by Town Porsche - I called the dealership late on a weeknight and expected to get a VM, but to my surprise Doug Avella picked up the phone. Right when I started talking to him I knew I would be dealing with a Class A operation - and this is after having talked to many dealerships over the past few weeks. To make a long story short, the team at Town Porsche - most notably Doug Avella and Miguel Santos - were phenomenal. It was a Class A, 5 Star experience from start to finish. Being an out of towner, I was a little apprehensive about going so far to buy, but they made the experience extremely easy which blew me away. you can easily tell that this is second nature for Doug and Miguel and that the dealership prides itself on customer service. In the future, I will not hesitate to buy a car from Town Porsche again - I will even go out of my way to do so just to deal with them, and this is coming from a guy who lives a 10 hour drive away from Englewood. Definitely one of the top consumer experiences I have had ever - which speaks volumes to everyone I dealt with because I got the feeling that it was second nature to them. Car was also excellent and better than what was represented."

Robert Minnick | NJ | 2014-06-23

"Outstanding, hands-on services from Doug. The man knows his stuff and how to treat a Porsche customer."

Bob Tulipan | NJ | 2014-06-18

"I've been lucky to have had an assortment of Porsches for more than four decades, starting with a 68-912 back in 1969. Everything from a 2001 Turbo and 2003 Boxster S to a 2008 Cayman, Cayenne and Carrera. I recently had a two year period without one and was going through withdrawal, so I went to the website and built out a C-4 and Cayman and asked dealers for bids. I still had a few months left on my BMW (which I hate), and was considering a 2015 purchase/lease. One of the dealers who responded was Town Porsche in Englewood, NJ and William Gakos from the dealership contacted me. He was really amazing. He sensed correctly I wasn't a tire kicker, but that I was a bit hesitant as my BMW still had a few months left on it. Will put no pressure on me, but he did offer me some amazing support, options and incentives and worked hard to accommodate me finding a car from another dealers inventory that was just what I wanted. Being a purist I wanted a manual but he offered me the opportunity to satisfy my curiosity with PDK. Knowing its like crossing over from analog to digital and being unimpressed by Tiptronic, I gave it a go and wow!. So now I'm out, about to take my new Dark blue Cayman with black 19" wheels for 100 mile run through the hills and curves of Northwest New Jersey. Thank You William, Jake and the Team at Town Motors. And to all of you out there, for a true Porsche experience, get a base Cayman, like the Euro- Car Mags say, it truly is the world's finest sports car."


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